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Does anybody on here know...?

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Does anybody on here happen to know the "Shore" value (hardness) of a typical off roading type polybush?

Looking at buying some cast rod from local plastics supplier, but he wants to know the shore, rather than guessing off a sample.

As much as I can gather, it seems to be about 80 - See Here Do you agree?

(I know kits are cheap(ish) but I want to make many of the same, not all of the set)

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Why not select each hardness for each application - which it clearly lists?

Al :)

Hi Al,

I dont want to spend hundreds on different grades of material - Im looking for a happy medium here.

My question wasnt detailed enough.

Yup, it is obvious, and its not a broad brush - understood.

What isnt mentioned (or I cant find it) is the "usefulness" of the product at that said hardness.

i.e. if I pick the correct hardness for good articulation and compliance, will it break down twice as quickly when its used in an off roading environment vs being used for race tracks, there must be a comprimise, was seeing if anybody has had experience in this.

Does the material have differing resistance to abrasion when harder etc.

Going to speak to Polybush this aft, thanks jules.

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