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Rear X- member - will it fit??

Jon White

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Fixed in 10 mins,

the Piggin Oil cooler again,

I had previously fractured the origibal one, and so decided to fit a new one...it was this new one that fractured - again. :angry:

The "Thing" with 3 snatch blocks and a 3 trees was 'interesting' - the tree at the far end aparently moved sideways ........but stayed upright just "moved" towards Jons stuck motor......and Jons motor towards treee ! :lol:

The rear cross member was erm "Rearranged" when Jon was 1st stuck, tried with his M8000 with 4.6 motor to remove himself backwards.... and it stalled, .....prob was then it would not release !

the way out of this was 'Plan A', attach the "Thing" to Jons motor and add additional pull, and hoped this would thjen allow M8000 to be released, but jon was very very stuck fast....crossmember moved towards the way out, shame the rest of his LR stayed put....it bent big time, and the M8000 cable stayed solid !.

Resolved fianlly, by me then attaching my cable to Jons hook, take up strain, and then cut the strop holding jons cable tight...interesting !

Booooing !

Jon was then free at the back, but I then had to get the 90 to him from the other side of what was a small wet forest section.

Got to him, had the "thing" via snatch blocks moved tress about, and move his LR Rear around lining up an exit of sorts, then to the front end, plus his winch on a tree pulling out.

Took an hour to remove, once out all gear was stored, and on respooling the cooler fractured :angry: , the oil was barely warm, so I bipassed it and continued with the winch ok for the day, lost a bit of oil but it has 35 litres capacity !...so more than enough remianed.

I will try it without a cooler for a while, ..........don't think I really need it.

Oil coolers I think don't like being shaken about heavily off road, like this :

Playing with lockers in a deep gulley :



Jons pre "Stuck !"


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