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Some People Need Educating!

Les Henson

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Moving on from the chassis, what about replacing the axles with s3, and the gearbox? Oh and swapping the engine from 2.25 to a V8?

All these are direct replacements, but some would say they fall into the "grey area" of taxation.

IMO my 2a is just that, but others would argue that its got too many s3 parts on it :angry:

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The axle drain plugs are the same, visually there are no differences apart from brake line fixings.

The same with the gearbox, visually the same, the number is the only thing that gives it away, syncro was available on very late 2a's

The suspension is still leaf sprung, but its now parabolics.

I tihnk its all about ethics, Im not trying to pass off a 90 as a 2a. The vast majority of observers wouldnt even know about the mods/changes.

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re: Welding coil mounts onto a leaf chassis. I have encountered two of these and know of one other. No idea regarding legality in this "day and age". I understand the point regarding chassis strength, but it certainly seems to work.

re: SVA. Any change is chassis length requires an SVA. So if you are shortening an RR, even if you are still using the RR registration it will require an SVA.


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