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Flywheel removal

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I'm working my way towards replacing my rear crank seal.

So far I have the gearbox out and have removed the clutch. I have also removed the bolts which hold the flywheel on but it doesn't seem to want to come out.

Do I need to remove the starter motor to remove it?

It's a 5mb series 3 engine 2.25d


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It's probably best to have the starter out of the way, it's normal to remove it.

Replace two of the diametrically opposite flywheel bolts with longer studs, when the flywheel comes off it can come quickly and you don't want to be holding that weight if it does. The studs allow you to move the flywheel slowly once it's come free. They also make it easier to refit.

Try levering very gently around the circumference on opposite ends of a diameter, I think they're located by dowels, in which case there won't be much movement.

When refitting use the proper flywheel bolts, I prefer to use brand new ones.

Also mark it's position so it goes back in the same position.

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Thanks for the reply.

Do you think it is essential to remove the starter motor? Or should I try levering as is? I'd already put two of the original bolts back in incase it did come and they're just wound on a few threads.

Also is it normal for oil to come out when you remove the bolts (out of the holes) or is this just further confirmation of the rear crank seal being knackered?

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On a 5brg the bolts go thro to the oil side of the flange that the seal runs on, so upon refitting use a suitable grade of loctite to seal the threads. So oil upon removing the bolts is nothing to get worked up about.

Removing the starter means that its out of the way and you can hit the flywheel to get it moving, then with the long bolts in the clutch cover bolt holes you can wriggle it off the crank. It might be a tight fit so then you can rotate the crank and persuade it off all the way around.

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Flywheel came off tonight, just tapped it a few times with a rubber mallet then pulled off with cluth cover bolts.

Does the Flywheel housing need to come off next to get to the rear crank seal?

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