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Relay part number


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There are two relays on the right of the bulkhead in the engine bay. Both look the same but I can't read the part number off them. The lefthand one got smashed during an engine swap and as a result ther lights don't work anymore!

It's the part number for that relay I need

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the two relays you refer to are the horn relay and the stop light relay, the one nearest the engine is the horn relay. this information is for a 24volt series 3 petrol airportable.

if the relay nearest the engine is broken, then i assume the horn wouldnt work ?


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If you look in your yelopages there should be a Lucas distributor in there. I have always found my local one very helpful (even if they do take the P every time I go in for another bit) if you get stuck, give me a shout and I will see if I have one (relay) laid around

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