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excelent service from pg winches

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Spent most of yesterday afternoon trying to find someone to sell me a top drive gear for a 8274.

Most of them had no idea what i wanted, some would only help if i knew the part no, and then they'd have to order it and it'd take weeks to arrive.

At 3:30 i rang pg winches,

8:00 this morning it landed on my doorstep.

Absolutly spot on.

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:) yep agree'd Phil n co are top bannana :D

knowlageable and provide top service

i called them for a motor and after a nice

chat regarding my options items were

orderd from stock and i had them

on the doorstep 24 hours later

well packed and in perfect condition

ready to fit ..

a leaf could be taken out of their book

and waved under the nose's of one or

two other supplyers ere in the uk..

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I concur as well, phoned up for some bearings "oh yeah, that's part number such and such, we don't have any at the moment but give such and such a phone call and it'll save you money and time in it coming to us and then being sent to you", next day and all was good :)

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