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TD5 Fuel Filter Non Return Kit

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gruntus    1


My old fella has a TD5 Disco 2 that is having a few starting problems (a bit of cranking over before starting).

He has been told its probably due to the fuel pressure dropping in the circuit.

For info he has already recently replaced the fuel pump (in the fuel tank) due to it being a bit noisy but the problem was there before changing the pump.

The next step is replacing the non return valves in the fuel filter housing (attached to the rear of the chassis) in case one of them is passing and letting the pressure drop. He was going to replace the housing itself but they have gone up to a few hundred quid now :o (apparently they were £80 in February).

So, having a look on Microcat it informs me that the non return kit is VUB503950 and www.lrseries.com lists the part number as "valve" (£21).

Can anyone confirm that the above part is a "kit" and not just one of the valves and also if there is anything else to watch out for or even replace at the same time to help (or identify) the poor starting?

Thanks in advance for your help. :)

G :)

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BogMonster    49

I would check the fuel pressure in the rail before spending any money on it, you can do this by plumbing in something suitable where the fuel temp sensor goes in, should be 4 bar/58psi at all time.

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John_T    0

Check that the fuel pressure regulator is not leaking. Also, if the TD5 has done a few miles and is begining to age, the injector seals can fail which allows the injectors to leak fuel into the sump. They need to "re-fill" before it will start and the sump oil level tends to rise gradually. Worth checking anyway.....

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