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Removal of front prop-shaft

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Having recently had an issue with a vibrating front prop-shaft UJ due to poor (non-existent) lubrication after the vehicle was left un-driven for a number of years, I find that ocasionally I get a slight vibration at around 80km/h which can be driven through and vanishes altogether. In an attempt to identify if this is the culprit, I thought about removing the front prop-shaft to see if this vibration was still present but wondered if this might damage the transmission in some way what with the permanent 4WD.

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Just remember that all the power is going through one diff so don't get too carried away with the throttle!

You will find you get horrible backlash as I did this once when trying to find the same problem, but you can do it OK and it will help isolate the problem.

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If the vibration does turn out to be the front prop - whats the best solution. Is it a case of renewing both the UJs?

Yes, change both & grease the sliding joint as well, about 4 or 5 strokes from the grease gun on each grease nipple will be sufficent.

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Thanks Ralph. What's the most reliable way (if any) to check for play in the UJs while in situ?

Chock the wheels, take the handbrake off, out of gear, get underneath and start twisting and lifting to find any play.

BTW handling in RWD only is more than interesting, it's horrendous. FWD is even worse.

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