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2.5 Petrol v 2.5 diesel

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OK put it another way.........can I take a 2.5 Diesel, take the head off and put a 2.5 petrol head on it?

The diesels have a higher compression naturally, which I would have thought would have been down to the pistons, if not in conjunction with the heads which IIRC have hot-spots.

I would think that trying to run a diesel lump as a petrol with a petrol head would mean too high a compression and eventually a head through the bonnet, if not severe pre-detonation and conrods S-shaped.

Think it's a case of find a 2.5P lump and fit it in as it is, saves possible stressing of parts :)

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OK, how about this, take a Petrol lump and add the Diesel timing gear INCLUDING the pump.

Modify a diesel inlet manifold with mechanical injectors such as found on the Triumph 2.5Pi and you have a Petrol injection........MFI

Maybe add the Turbo from a diesel............. :lol:

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Ahhhhh, I wonder, did the Trumpet 2.5 have direct injection, or inlet duct injection? would have thought the later but still a possible feesible option. Would get rid of the nasty carb problem :D

turbo, oh do behave :lol:

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You can change a 2.25D into a 2.25P by removing the head, injector pump, and camshaft, and substituting a petrol head, cam, distrubutor, manifolds, etc.

I would assume you could also do exactly the same with a 2.25P.

I have also heard of people putting diesel cams in petrols to get better low-down torque (at the expense of top-end), but I don't know how true that is.

The 2.25D has a heavier flywheel than a 2.25P, so you would get better low-down torque anyway. Don't know if the 2.5D is the same.

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