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Bendleby Ranges (Dialup warning)


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Just back from a weekend in the Bendleby & Hungry Ranges, about 400km North of Adelaide. I was there for a very short day late last year, on my way back from a trip to the Flinders and resolved to go back again and experience some of the harder tracks.

This is a sheep property that has opened up to 4wdrivers, and provides camping facilities and about 100km of varying track, from gentle tours to puckering climbs and descents.

We left Adelaide just before lunch on Friday and easily made the distance by 5pm. Camp was set up and the barbie was sizzling before it was completely dark. All day Saturday was spent exploring the tougher tracks, none of which were beyond the 'fender in the dry, although ground clearance was tested in a couple of spots. Some of the shaley climbs were very slippery as well as steep but my new rear Maxidrive saw us up all of them without any fuss. The front locker wasn't required at any stage, but that might have been different if there was any rain about.

The weather was perfect, the steaks superb and the red wine (Barossa of course) sublime. What more could anyone want?

Some pictures for your amusement:

A brilliant campsite, sheltered and with a ready supply of wood (provided by the owners):


An idea of the area:


Excellent views:



This track was called 'The Ridgetop', I've no idea why. ;)





A couple of the climbs, as always, the photos don't do the steepness justice:



If you're ever touring SA and want to visit the Flinders, I'd reccomend looking a little South as well. There's some beautiful country there to be explored.

Paul :)

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Very nice mate, it certainly looks like a nice place to visit and have a few beers. :D

Mum and Dad have a new camping trailer that they wanted to try out in the Flinders, but are now heading to Lightning Ridge instead for a couple of weeks over Easter with some friends, and will probably head to the Flinders later in the year or earlier next year.

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