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Disco Pulling To Left


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OK, Disco's been pulling to the left for a while now and I want to get it sorted.

Having to hold the wheel at 1 o'clock to stop it veering off to the left and its not doing the tyres any good either.

I've checked/rechecked tyre pressures and wheel bearings all round and finally resorted yesterday to changing what looked like the original front 6 hockey stick bushes (160K miles) though steering is not vague or unpredictable. If it has improved its hard to tell, still pulling ot the left.

Shocks look tatty but seem to be operating fine. Ride is good. Equally steering is fine, no slop or wander just this pull to the left which is starting to bug me.

Any ideas? Rear bushes are next on my list but it doesn't feel like rear wheel steer.

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Yes it is a bit like camber or cross wind induced veer. Maybe that's all it is but it is rather pronounced.

The Disco is very stock, even runs 205s, but it is a great mile eater.

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Mine also did this witht he 3" lift until I fitted caster correction radius arms and all is well again, no wondering or pulling to the left.

Of course, if your Disco has standard height suspension then these won't help. :unsure:

What sort of steering damper is fitted, I've heard that some of the gas dampers will cause a constant pressure to one side as they try to push apart, but not experienced it myself.

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