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A big thankyou

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As above to Steveg for organising and peter for letting use of the site was an excellent day all my group thouroughly enjoyed themselve not bad cnsidering they didnt have any winches and i enjoyed myself too and not a bad result for my first winch challenge also well done to all the other people who took part and and helped out

Roll on the next one



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Hear hear!

Just got in the door after a cracking weekend.

Saturday was laning followed by the enevitable trip to the pub once the Horsham posse had arrived then Sunday over to Bures for a very well set out winch challenge.

The best bit - didn't break anything :D:D which, considering the number of rolls on site today is quite a feat!

Many thanks to Steve for putting us up - and for breakfast and lunch! :o and to Chris for making the effor to set out the puches too.

Post up the photos folks!

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I to would like to say what a great time I had. Not a bad result for my first challenge type thing.

(Can't wait to see just how many points i was behind Paul.) :D

Not to much damage either. Just a front wing and a dented bar at the back.

Did anyone get any piccys of the punch on the concrete slab being done????

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Well I had a good morning! Thanks to steve and chris for thier efforts. We had a go at severl punches and generally played around before I managed to suffciently break the disco to need a ride home on a flatbed taxi...

Learned a lot about my winch, which was the main aim for the trip anyway!



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