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Electric fuel pumps


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Nuttn to do with Land Rovers really.... but maybe a Land Rover part will do the job!

I need a small pump to transfer fuel into my new boat. Has to be rated for petrol, and most small pumps you see are only diesel or water, but I wondered about an in-line fuel pump as found on older V8 vehicles, before they went over to pumps that live inside the tank.

Does anybody know what sort of output these are/how much current they draw when running? An inline electric pump with a couple of feet of hose on each end would be ideal, but maybe the output is very low and so it would be far too slow?

Or if anybody has any ideas for other spill-free methods of transferring petrol let's have them... I started using jerrycans, a funnel and a spout on the jerrycan but of course being a jerrycan (the most uselessly un-fuel-proof storage system ever devised), the seals are leaking on the spout already and since the battery and the fuel tank both live under the seat, and therefore are between my legs, lots of spilled petrol is not a great idea... :unsure:



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Facet fuel pumps; solid state type, about £ 35.

These come in 4 flavours, i.e. more pressure & flow rate.

Highest flow rate for ss503 is 34 US gallons.

as for the jerry can seal, pretty sure you can buy replacements; or else cut a piece of lorry inner tube the to fit and glue in place. petrol should evoprate pretty quickly just dpon't light up :o

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I was in a simular situation when the diesel car some how had £10 worth of petrol put in it :o:ph34r:

What I did in the end was I went to my local scrap yard & got a electric petrol pump off a Vauxhall Cavalier which they charged me £5 for, then I added 2 lengths of petrol hose & 2 leads with croc clips on the end then job done 1 fuel transfer pump!

I have used it on petrol/diesel & central heating fuel & touch wood all is ok & since it is a high pressure pump it shifts the fuel pretty fast! :)

Hope this helps!


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Thanks all

Not many Vauxhalls round here but I'll look into the Facet ones, must admit on reflect the idea of anything that could produce sparks (connecting and disconnecting from battery) while refuelling is worrying me :ph34r: might stick with one of the "W&&&&&r" syphon pumps instead. Still thinking though...

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