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Quality control.

Les Henson

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Although I have a few second hand wings, I decided to opt for nice new ones for catflap. They arrived today, and apart from the suspicious yellow stain, they looked ok, a few light scratches here and there, tons of bubble wrap (so wet-suit out later for some fun! :D )

I was kinda expecting everything to be rubbish, but for the money I was fairly pleased with them.

The inner wing is a seperate item from the outer skin, and after a small amount of persuation, the two bits fitted together ok.

The edges all lined-up nicely, and I imagine that once sprayed - it'll look good.

I noticed a quality control sticker, which seems a bit stupid, as on closer inspection there are a few things that are just plain rubbish.

Pics and comments:-

'Passed' what? Water, sell by date, wind, that one by?


The holes for attaching the inner to the outer wing were pretty carp, someone had got in there with I suppose a screwdriver, and 'worked' the hole into this shape. I take it to make a slot, rather than a hole. Kinda negates the difficulty of lining two holes up I suppose.


Blunt drill bit perhaps, or the morning after?


Obviously the spot welder went to the same pub as the guy with the drill


Anyway - it all went together surprisingly well. Hardly surprising when you have fixing holes the size that they are!


Just needs a coat of that luvverly blue :)


Les. :)

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I did ask what the yellow was and that they should use a toilet like everyone else :)

Apparently it's etch primer. Pretty poor coating if it is - streaks and runs everywhere. I did think about removing it. I suppose wet/dry paper or maybe it'll rinse off with cellulose thinners or similar.

Les. :)

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I`d say the yellow coating looks like alochrome or alodine, its a corossion preventitive, your meant to etch prime then paint over it. It is probably dipped into a bath of the stuff, thats why its got runs and an un-even cover on it.

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all 'quality control' means is that it has passed their own production control and inspection system, whether thats inline with the rest of the worlds production standards could be another question............

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