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Having booked the week off work to finish the 'to do' list on the Landy before Tony's, I've made a big mistake.....

I've forgotten my H****s manual, not a great move when I'm up to my elbows building diffs!

Could anyone be kind enough to look up the torque settings for the standard crownwheel-to-diff bolts?

Any while you're there, what's the backlash value supposed to be?

Ta In Advance.....

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Having looked at my H****s manual and my "Workshop manual- owners edition", both bottle taking a diff apart, so are completely useless.

Suggestions for a proper manual with real information? Cost? Supplier? - I'm cross, I'd like to choose if it's too hard or expensive. :angry:

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I've done a few diffs with varying success and that was following the book. The key bit for me was getting the tightness of the pinion shaft right.

If you have too many shims in, its loose (Obvious) :rolleyes: but you have to be patient when removing them to ensure you reach the point where the shims are still providing an effective "pack" under torque and the shaft is snug to move...

If you remove too many shims, you will achieve the preload on the shaft but there will be a gap behind (which should have a shim in it!). When the diff is then under load on the road, this gap then provides enough room in the setup for the bearings to wear and then the whining begins... :(

Bear in mind that all of the faffing about has to be done without the seal.

The pinion nut torque is quite high and therefore make sure you have plenty lubricant on the threads every time or you will gaul them. (Did that...) :(

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