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which springs??

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I fitted a winch and homemade bumper to the front of my 90. 2.5 td. Now it is sitting down a couple of inches at the front. Has anybody any ideas as to which springs I should fit to rise her up again. would range rover heavy duty ones be a good job as thet are only £9 each from paddocks...

cheers Gary

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Standard 90 rear springs are not a bad option for the front, to recover the height lost by adding a lot of weight. I found they were a little too high for mine and caused prop vibration but the Milemarker and mount I have are not that heavy.

You can also kill two birds with one stone by putting your rear springs on the front and buying a slightly taller set for the rear, which gives you a lift at both ends for the price of 2 springs :)

Alternatively you could get a set of "lifters" (spring spacers) from the likes of Mill Services, these are fairly cheap too and mean you know exactly how much it will go up. When I got mine, what I did was sit the vehicle on a level floor, measure the height, then put a trolley jack and a block of wood underneath the centre of the vehicle (front bumper for example) jack it up until it looks about right, then measure it again - hey presto you now know what size lifters to order :)

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200tdi disco series 1 rear springs on front gave my 110 a 2" lift over stock with a XD9000i fitted.

good lift, good articulation and comfort as springs not too stiff.

DSN is running police rangie rear springs alroundon his 200tdi (was TD) with 8274 on front, about 1" lift although less articulation.

what height do you want to go to? back to std? higher? what do you use the truck for gentle greenlaning, mainly road with winch used for business etc or competitions, all of which i think affect the spring decision.

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was going to reply then relalised that the other thread covers all!

if you find the rangie HDs do what you need and look to do the shocks as well es9000 +2" are good value for money (£30ea)

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