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Genuine "HD" Halfshafts

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So I have an ex-MOD 90 with the stock 4 pinion rear diff and "HD" shafts. What are people's experience with the strength of the shafts. They appear better built than the later model 24 spline shafts. Are people breaking these and if so how easily?

Feeligns on strength bersus later model 24 spline shafts and against aftermarket 24 spline shafts??

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They appear better built than the later model 24 spline shafts.

In what way?

I have heard of aftermarket HD shafts not being completely straight from one manufacturer, though I have no idea if it's still true - I guess where possible check stuff before you buy. At least find out what it's made of and how it has been treated.

What is your situation regarding engine torque, lockers and tyre dimensions?


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Comparing to later model 24 spline shafts (RR/Disco/Defender 90), they are not necked down and the material is harder.

At the moment, 2.5 NA and Detroit locker on 32s, but that will all change.

What I want to hear is who has broken them and in what situations and setup.

I am well aware of the strength limitations of later model shafts and of the various aftermarket brands. What I have not heard of is people breaking these genuine "HD" shafts, so want a feel for their relative strength.

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Guest diesel_jim

I run with genuine LR 24 spline "V8" shafts in my Tdi 90 (with either 255/85's or 35" simex and ARB lockers). not broken one yet (although i only green lane, no competetive malarchy for me! :ph34r: )

I've had one slighly twist and it needed a crowbar to pull it out of the diff, but nothing serious. the replacement one i bought from bearmachs, and it was about £15, really cheap, i wondered if it was made of liquerish but it's stood the test of time so far.

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