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Hi all,

I recently had this idea (as you do) after reading about that crazy ass blue D90 by that chap from Devon4x4 had done with a NOS kit etc, that featured in LRMonthly or LRO. In the feature I noticed his awsome aluminium dash a decided that as my standard dash has been pulled out to correct the obscene wiring behind it, and that i dont like the standard design anyways, i'd do my own. Ive got a pretty nice, simple, single-piece design on the go. I shall try and put the CAD drawings up at some stage if i can but I thought I'd see if anyone had any pointers, ideas or preferably pictures (suits my simpler mind better) to help me and any others along the way. :lol:

Thanks in advance....

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One thing I would say, just make sure that whatever you make, you can get behind it to look at the stuff that need sorting.

I guess one example would be the windscreen wiper motor, if you can make it so you don't need to take all the dash out to change then that could be an improvement.

, make the venting aspect better, more blow or something? At the end of the day, it's up to you how many switches you use really...

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Thanks for the replies, I'm not going as all-out as the tomb raider im afraid I cant afford the time nor the money for that! lol.

HOWEVER...I have begun the first stage, after learning a bit of CAD i bashed a few picasso specials and a card cut-out of one end. See as follows people...

you will notice that the end is folded slightly inwards to avoid the door. Also the only accurate drawing is the cutout plan. Gives an idea though...

(pictures to follow)

Sam\'s dash 1.pdf

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Now, this is something i have been wanting to do on the old 90 for a while,

What size are all the dials? and what hole saws will i need?

How do you guys go about bending the alu?

I the speed dial is 100mm and the rest are 52mm.

For bending im hopefully going to use one sheet of 2 or 3mm ali and a guy near has a large folding device luckily i think all my folds will work on a standard folder. however if you wanted to fold a lip over the back then two run of hardwood or 4x2 clamped either side then another piece to hammer along the fold. Has been said to work with due care and attention.

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I have just looked back into my old posts after reviving my email/forum account. Thought I should share the eventual progress after some helpful insights from folks above...cheers chaps!!

Unfortunately my piccies are corrupted at the moment and the car is with challenger 4x4 at the moment having its cage fitted. When I get a chance I shall post some fresh ones! (not a good time for technology at the moment).

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. How did you get on folding it. Would be interested in so,etching like this myself.

Got it folded and welded by a local metalwork firm (their bender can handle the length) and internal ribs folded and fitted.

Modular fuse box lives on a bracket behind the passenger side panel. Just gotta tidy up the loom and finish the remaining wiring for the fuel tank sender stuff.

Console between the seats sits on a box steel frame (to hold the fiddles). This will take the winch controls and cutouts etc...

will eventually get round to finishing once I have made the wings...

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