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Need Help For Bad Handling...

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Well,it was time for me to experience some issues it seems...

Some of you may remember I fitted my RR HD (red/white) springs

a while ago,as DD did before me (I have yet to get longer dampers to match but...).

These gave my 90 a nice lift,even with my winch & bumper fitted.

I first had some bad annoying vibes until last Saturday when I finally fitted

Land Rover spring silencer plates (from Discovery # ANR 2938,I have the label somewhere)to the front.

The bad vibes are now gone (this is probably the cheapest alternative route instead of a DC shaft).

These isolators add barely 1 cm more of lift (uh-oh)...

The Cube is quiet as before,but!

I found myself scared to death while on tarmac,

as sometimes (I think when the pavement has some irregularities,corrugations,cracks,whatever)

the steering starts shaking as mad!


I mean it shakes so hard it you can literally feel the whole truck shaking!

I thought I was about to loose another wheel (some may remember) and stopped one side,

but wheeels are ok as the steering etc.

Now what?

I know with a lift the front roll center is raised because

and more "darting" about on the road in response to road irregularities...but this is too much!

Cranked radius arms jump into mind,but I can't afford now.

I have a couple of o.e. arms from a 1986 90 Diesel Turbo laying in the box I could sacrifice

and try to bend in a workshop...just need a precision press and someone who knows what to do...but...

...I don't really know...


The Cube handles fine and go straight if I leave the wheel,is quiet as before.

It's just this horrible shaking which worries me.





Went out for pizza and a Guinness these evening and while getting back

some shakes woke up a friend of mine who was almost sleeping...


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As Western says check swivel preload , also check steering damper as any reduction in damping efficiency can create "steering shimmy" which is what you describe. Worn panhard rod bushs add to it.



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