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Range Rover HD springs on a 90

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We put longer shocks on, which required longer brake hoses at full articulation. You might be fine on standard shocks but will possibly find that they top out quite a lot as they're working at the extent of their travel most of the time? I really don't know as we put the springs and shocks on at the same time.

Any excuse to chuck some photos up...




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you could stick with your std shocks but as Richard says they will bottom out more, so +2" would be ideal to offset the gain in height.

if you do this then i would suggest extended brake hoses as well.

you could go and put -2" top shock mounts as an alternative to longer shocks.

or if you dont off road it much just leave the shocks as they are.

Or if you off road it alot, -2" top shock mounts, longer bump stops, longer brake lines, dislocating cones, and +2" shocks. (longer bump stops needed to stop the +2" shocks topping out IME.

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Hello, darthdicky which springs did you put in the rear of your 90 to level her up after putting the range rover springs in the front.???

cheers Gary

Also got RR HD springs on the back, now with a 1" spacer which brings it up pretty level. Ideally I'd put something a little bit stiffer in the back, but I can't find anything the right length without resorting to dislocation cones.


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Hi gary richard and i share the truck for richard. Its running HD range rover rears all round, it is a little soft at the back and can hit the bumpstops at times if hitting bumps hard. It does sit a little lower at the rear, so i have recently put 1inch spacers under the springs at the rear and so is nice and level now.

If you want a good amount of flex off road for cheap then just put these springs on with +2" shock and brake hoses, no dislocation cones required, just jubile clip then at the top to stop springs popping out and standard shock mounts can be used.

I am pleased with this setup and give good articulation as the pictures show. you may need to increase the size of bump stops to stop the tyres rubbing the rear tub.

You may want to fit heavier duty rear springs if you load up the back or want slightly better road manners.

hope that helps


Edit: Just realised he has beat me too it, but here is a more detailed idea of the setup, just ask if you would like any more information

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Thanks for the help... I ordered r/r heavy duty ones from paddocks... I'll stick these in and drive it for a couple of days and see what its like. When eveything has settled i'll measure the distance between the bump stops and axles and maybe get busy with the lathe and make spacers the right size.. thanks again for the info..

cheers Gary.

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DSN is also running HD rangie springs.

8274 on front with bloody heavy bumper.

he found that the a set of these srpings still made the front low with that winch fitted. in the end he returned the front srpigs and exchanged them for another set of rears (i dont know the different rates etc) and it now sits level with out spacers.

hes also running std brake lines, std bump stops and no spacers on std top shock mounts.

food for thought anyway.

Richard/Jon - i also found the jubilee clip a good method of keeping in the top of the springs as they can come out even with stock susepnsion setup.

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I remember when I was first looking at the longer springs I wanted the RRC HD's at the front because the spring rates were almost identical (defender fronts=175, RRC HD's=177), but I wanted harder ones at the back to stop the sagging on road and give a ride more similar to "standard" LR.

I found some Disco HD springs, which were the same length as the RR ones, but had a rate of 215, which is much closer to the defender rear rate of 225.

Unfortunately I can't find them anywhere now :huh: and after a lot of research I'd decided they were the perfect setup...

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As JST mentioned, I have the RR HD springs all round.

Worked really well with front. Rear is basically level with front and does sag a little quickly but as someone mentioned, I couldn't find anything with same sort of length but stiffer rating. 1 inch spacer might be a plan though as generally I don't tow etc with it so don't need really stiff back.

Currently have standard shocks and mounts etc so droop is restricted. Do plan to try and extend this a bit with some longer shocks/lowered mounts etc. Would need to change brake hoses then I guess.

Definitely a cheap route to a a good 2inch lift and doesn't give a stiff ride which is something I wanted to avoid for offroading of course.

Well think you should be pleased with it if go this route. I was impressed how well the front coped with the heavy winch/bumper on it etc.

Cheers for now.


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same springs on all 4 corners for mine as well,fitted after Richard (I waited for him to test them first! :lol: )

The Cube sits perfectly levelled,8274,wire rope,custom winch bumper,light tail...

During the Easter holiday I took the 235/85 off (going to sell them and buy 34" LTBs hopefully),

and back came the old 7.50 XZLs...half worn.

Went out in the wood,and did a natural ramp test (nice shaped rock) to play a tad...

Even the worn 7.50 (32" Simexs do it a lot) touch the wheelboxes with stock lenght dampers.

So it's not true that standard shocks & +2" is such a poor mix...

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Yup, fitted, and delighted with the result!

Cost £49 delivered from Paddocks, which is about 2/3 of the price Frogs Island wanted for ONE spring!

The front (with an 8274 and bumper and Tdi to support) sits nicely, about the same height as the ScrapIron 2" lift springs I've taken off.

The rear was initially a little low but I reversed the spring cups at the base of the spring and it sits nicely level. Long term answer will be to buy a 1" spacer.

Ride is superb compared to the old springs, nicely supple. Not tried them off road yet.

Get some!

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Si you got the red/whites all round? Can you measure the bumps stop clearance's for me please to give a better idea of the amount of lift.

I have a selection of springs that I'm planing on trying on my 90 when it's all put togther, red/white are near the top of the list at the moment, but I don't want to go quite as high as 2" lift.

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i reckon i will go this route when the procomp one on the truck cab have had enough but thats a while out.

the questions are aimed due to the thoughts of changing my brother in laws 90 springs although with what you just said and Steve comments in the tech i think they will lift the front of his too much an dit will sit front high. he only wants a 1" lift and needs some firmer ones on the rear.

i think we are going for disco front (becuase i already have them) and Bearmach HD rears for firm ride, carrying heavy wieghts and towing.

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I fitted the rr h/d springs to the front of my 90. it seems to be sitting slightly high at the but only by a couple of mm. wit thr 8274 and heavy duty bumper fitted. realy please with the result...

thanks for all the info..

cheers Gary

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