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Td5 fan belt replacement

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This is the first fan belt on a Td5 for me and it went a little easier than

expected - so much can be lost in the manual;

5. With assistance, hold tensioner fully clockwise

and fit drive belt around remaining pulley.


Remove fan cowl and accoustic hood, leave the fan where it is,

firstly put the belt around the crank and the alternator,

over the tensioner, and the water pump (non groved),

you will have to turn it sideways to get it through the gap to the

crank pulley.

Then pull the belt sideways off the non-groved waterpump pulley

and loop out over the groved idler and aircon pulleys.

Place 15mm spanner on the tensioner at 12 o'clock and push down

piece of wood is handy, to at least 8 o'clock,

now slip the sideways bit back up onto the non-groved water pump




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Good to hear, I think its the first time I`ve heard of anyone replacing one on a TD5 by themselves.

I need to get a spare one for our, the one fitted is still in good condition, but being a LR you can`t be to sure.

I think we probably should get this thread moved to the Defender forum before it gets lost in here.

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I need to get a spare one....

"an old bushie once told me...

If you are takin' spare belts and hoses as backup on a long trip,

run them in for 10K as most failures happen in the first 10K or after 100K,

Also, the belts are a heap easier to fit after a little stretch and flex.



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