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Low Engine Revs


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I have a 200tdi and the problem (well the one thats doing my head today) is that if I rev the engine while stationary when the throttle is released the revs drop to a very juddery 2/300 revs after about 5 seconds they pick up to a normal 6/700 revs

also when on the road I come down the gears to stop it will also do the same when i cometo a stand still

strangley enough it seems worse when pointing up hill

I have changed fuel filter and put injecter cleaning fluid through it but to no improvement

so was wondering has anyone else had this prob or has anyone got any ideas as to what i can check for


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What's it like at high revs?

If holding back could be fuel line blockage further down maybe even in the tank, or air bleed into line from a dodgy joint or pipe

How's starting? any different?

Presume no excess crankcase pressure pointing to worn/stuck rings/major engine woes?

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