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DVLA - so what's their job again?

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Being the good citizen that I am, when I moved house I sent my driving licence & the V5 for the Nissan off to the DVLA to get the address changed.

Got a letter today telling me the Nissan has been notified as damaged by the insurance company and I will need a Vehicle Identity Check!

I wouldn't mind (I bought it as accident damaged) but when I got it I had to go to the DVLA office to register it and specifically asked if it needed a VIC and was told it was fine. That was the best part of 18 months ago, and it's been through two MOT's since then :o:angry: aparrently they only send out letters when something else prompts them, like sending the V5 off <_<

So basically they're saying they're too lazy to send you a letter if they think your car is a ringer or could be unsafe :o even when the insurance co write to them and tell them.

Most annoying part is they won't give me back my V5 unless I get the (£20) identity check, which is a bad luck as I'm just about to get rid of the bl**dy thing anyway and am not about to spend any money on it.

Anyone want a big ugly blue shed / banger racer? :P

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Update: I got the V5 from the DVLA today, aparrently if you wait a couple of months they get bored and send you the V5 for the vehicle even though, officially, they're not sure of it's real identity or roadworthiness :o

Bit suprising since I sold it a good while ago! Good old DVLA, I'm so glad my road tax is used so wisely <_<

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