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Quick question:

32x11.50R15 tyres.

BFG MT is one option.

any others in a good MT pattern available in that size in the UK? seems to be a rare size, most things on Google seem to be US suppliers.




Have you had a look at the new Cooper SST,i have just put a set on my Land Cruiser and they are spot on.


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If you want a good, cheap, tyre that's slightly larger then you can't go wrong with 33x12.5r15 Macho's. A very good tyre for peanuts.

i agree with will, ive just brought a set of 33x12 machos excellent grip for a tyre that costs £50 trade,

try tyresdirect.com & there only 32" tall & 11.5" wide.

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Yeah they won't fit on a (spit) Shogun though, which is what they are for, 33x12.50 are just a little too big but 32x11.50 are ok. Well they will fit but they rub like hell!!

Both Cooper and BFG suppliers have stock of their respective types so that is good :)


sorry Ripley didn't see your comment on the actual size first time round - thanks

he is using BFGs at the moment anyway so will probably stick with those - I had originally been led to believe they might be in short supply (in fact they are - but there are enough for 1 on each corner which is the main thing :D )

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