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wheel bearings

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everything is the same from back in the good old days....

you can buy a Series 3 wheel bearing kit most of which will fit all 90's, 110s, Discovery Tdi's, probably Range Rovers too (not sure about that though).

There are just a couple of different seals on different ages/types of vehicle but again they can be fitted, lots of people use the older type seal (designed for oil filled bearings) on later vehicles with greased bearings as they are supposed to be better.

the other thing that has never changed is that they STILL don't grease the bearings on new ones properly even after 20+ years!!!

nowadays everything is different though I have to say the new "sealed" bearings on things like the Discovery 2 don't seem to give any problems at all.

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A minor point, but the lock tabs are different on the front of 200tdis to later models. The early lock tab has the little sticky out bit that engages with a slot in the stub axle, the later type just has a flat on it (same as the early salisburys).


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My dealer tells me ALL wheel bearings from a Series three through to the Discovery are the same.


Series three.

Ranger Rover classic.

Discovery including 300Tdi.

Defender 90 and 110 are the same.

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I can cause trouible in an empty house !!

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