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A little annoyed


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Well after a couple of days fitting the second hand gearbox i have now found it has a nasty clunk as i change gear. a little annoying but just one of the joys of buying second hand <_< . So this clunk (clack) on uptake of drive is it possible to be the centre diff? it seems to be from this area? does anyone know the best way of checking this? ill have a look at the gearbox output shaft as soon as it stops raining to see if that is the problem. so any thoughts also i have heard that the centre diff is not to hard to change but what is involved? the box itself seems to be in very good condition with very good selection of gears etc so im guessing but i dont think it has covered alot of miles.

sorry guessing this has been asked before but ive had a search and havent managed to find anything


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Guest diesel_jim

Could be the splines in the output shaft going into the transfer box (pull the PTO cover off and have a look)

Is the rear A frame bush OK? these make a similar noise, ans it's hard to tell where exactly the noises are really coming from as they transmit the sound right through the drivetrain.

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