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Well thats a fine start, not even 8am yet!

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Eating my breakfast cereal this morning I couldn't help but notice the growing pool of milk coming from my bowl and slowly making its way across the table, closer inspection revealed a large crack in the side of said bowl.

When I went to make a pot of tea I couldn't help but notice the large chip out of the handle too.

I wonder if I will discover any further damaged crockery now that the Mother in law has gone home :rolleyes:

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Just popped into Mole Valley Farmers (local source of everything) and they only had Series Two Mugs, and they were hefty chucky things, not at all suited to ones morning coffee!

The search goes on... :(

At least its Friday so several pints tonight will mean i don't care what the coffee is in in the morning, hopefully South Molton Market or Barnstaple will throw up a replacement tomorrow. I will buy at least two, I couldn't face another day like today :o

Will :)

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Having been at the pub for a while the tempation to start making 'sweet smelling err.... cat' comments is almost overwhelming.

I will behave myself.

well at least for the next couple of hours before me and the terrier set out for a walk and drink ;)

Will :)

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