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Air filters - shurely shome mishtake?


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Got a new air filter from paddocks, but on fitting it it looks like it won't work. The old one (right) has fins that stick out, letting air flow down the sides and in. The new one (left) doesn't have any gaps, and as such would form a seal at the top where the air is supposed to come in :blink: Although the seal wouldn't be super-tight, by any standards it's not exactly going to help the engine's breathing:


Before anyone asks, the new filter is the same at both ends. ;) Is there something I'm missing here, or do I have to get on the phone to paddocks for the 2nd time in as many orders?

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Not very up on Disco's but could it be? I seem to the recall the Disco circular box air inlet is on the side rather than on the end :huh:

The last V8 filters I changed were the same diameter as the original rubber ends without the extended corrugations, the material was different as well.

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