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Noise Insulation For Doors???

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I'm a bit worreod by soem of suggestin' polystyrene. I know its cheap, and easy to get. But... highly flammable. Have you seen that 'kin stuff go! You'll fry in there before you had time to get out. Nasty. Almost explosive whne it goes.

Use bitumen panels and high density foams made for the job. Suggest: Raid the breakers for automotive grade stuff, fimd a old jag it'll ahve all you need.

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Oh dear... 'kin 'ell Hadn't noticed it was that old. Wot was I thinkin'... but then if I'm reading it, so must others I supppose. At risk of sounding very preachy, I'd rather not see others Deep-fried following the polystyrene route in a vehicle. Yuk...

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