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Having filed a pair of hub bearing washer/spacers in a safe place i need to order some new ones but i am not sure what they are.

The lock tab that fits the stub axle looks like this;


When i went to the part store they supplied me with this washer/spacer;


Problem is that wont fit on the stub axle as the slot on the stub axle is not big enough;


Am i just being a plank and have missed something very obvious?


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Note there are at least two different sizes of 'flat' washer, and hence I guess spacer too.

FRC8002 has a slightly smaller hole than FTC3179. Obviously the radius is the same as the bearing is the same, so it is just the position of the flat. FRC8002 will not fit on a stub axle designed for FTC3179. FTC3179 will fit on a stub axle designed for FRC8002, but may not lock as effectivly due to small amount of rotational play.

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