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After a thoroughly productive and enjoyable day in the sunshine on saturday, modifying and welding the roof rack from the 110, the misses dragged me off to a certain swedish furniture shop up north (croydon!) on Sunday :(

Well, having been so efficient on the saturday, and seeing as the weather was pants on sunday, I thought I'd do some DIY and put up some hangy rail things in the kitchen. Not a problem, just need to drill some holes in the walls.... easy! :huh:

But oh no... not my walls, they had other ideas! :blink:


So I won't be buying one of them cheap drill bit sets again.

And all I did was make a dimple in the tile :blink::lol:

So what sort of drill bit should I be using to drill through wall tiles? :ph34r:

I was using a masonary bit, thats right init?

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yep, masonary drill is fine. i used to be kitchen fitter so had a bit of practice...

buy Black and decker 'Bullet' drill bits, use a small one (4mm) to cut a pilot hole then open it out to desired size (prob about 7mm???)

don't use the 'hammer' feature untill you've gone through the tile glaze as you'll probably crack it. :(

as soon as your masonary drill goes a bit dull bin it, they're not worth having sharpened, are difficult to do yourself (need a green wheel) and cause agro when blunt.

hope this helps. ;)

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did the orange paint fall off? :lol:

look on the bright side, at least the bit did not snap off and wedge itself in your eye :o but that wouldn't happen as you were wearing goggles right?

for drilling tiles and glass, there is tile drill bit, it looks like a small spear from the film Zulu - a flat pointy bit held in a shaft; never used one myself - the masony drill bit worked for me.

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[Ok, I know a little about this subject, being a builder, get yourself some glass/tile drills, they have them at B&Q, homebase etc, they're not expensive and they'll go through most tiles like butter. However, :rolleyes: some tiles are b*****d hard! Try not to let the drill tip over heat, keep a little water handy, overheating the drill bit will shorten its life by a huge amount, if the tiles are super hard then you may need to keep sharpening the tip, as said above try a smaller drill first, only necessary on the hardest tiles. Don't use the drill on hammer and only use to go through the tile, masonry bits and hammer have a habit of cracking tiles espesially when close to an edge! :o customers don't like that.

I thought this was a LR forum?

Good Luck

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the misses dragged me off to a certain swedish furniture shop up north (croydon!) on Sunday

Oi! I had spent 5 1/2 hours doing colour treatment/polish and wax getting your Camel looking shiney! :P:rolleyes:;):D

Besides, it was raining. :ph34r:

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you have it in black and white Dan.

She said it was YOUR Camel!!!!

Women are funny arent they? :)

Hehe - it's only his Camel when I've spent a day working on it and I want a day in return from him on my old Series ;):D

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