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FAO Exeter 4x4

Les Henson

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Don't know if any of you read this forum, but Bearmach from Swindon phoned you this morning concerning the inner wing section (passenger side) for a s3. Three times they have supplied me with this item - twice damaged, and now this morning the wrong side. They tell me you refuse to post it directly to the shop, but it has to go to head office in Cardiff first 'in case it gets damaged in transit' apparently. Couldn't you just send it by courier directly to Swindon? Interlink etc have their own insurance if your're worried about damage, and I'll pay any extra and I would then get it tomorrow. I'm told that it will otherwise take another 2 days minimum to get it here, and with a bank holiday looming, it's likely to then be next week. This sodding farce is then going to have dragged on for a fortnight.

This carp service by Bearmach (not the shop) is beyond the pale, surely you guys can do something please?

Les. :(

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Not thought about just ringing them?

Very helpful if you talk to them - and you are much more likely to get it tomorrow than just hoping they take orders by rant.


Les did - he phoned them up and told them to look at the forum! :P:P:P:P:P:P:lol:

Steve ;)

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i have never had a drama from them in past, in fact nothing but good service to date, very helpful and good prices, always delivered on time and undamaged - never had a s3 wing though, maybe when Bearmach copied the design they only had a damaged one to copy...............

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I've had a few wrong parts from Exeter 4x4, always the right part number on the box but wrong part in the box, each time they have been Bearmach parts. Exeter 4x4 have always sorted it out without any problem though.

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I phoned them a while ago, not sure who it was I spoke to, but he listened to my sad tale, and they are packing the wing as much as possible to minimise damage and sending it directly to Swindon. Top marks to them, a fine example of good service.


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