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Reocation/Dislocation Cones

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About to put a 2 inch lift on the 110. I have rear relocation/dislocation cones on go on. What about the front? Should I fit them here as well or is there little point.

I must admit i've never seen a front spring pop out which is why I'm wondering if it is worth fitting them or not.

Any comments either way?



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The thing about a front spring is that even if it does pop out it can't go anywhere because of the shocker going through it, and once everything levels up then it will always go back in. Mine sometimes boing and twang going across axle twisters but never fail to re-seat (in fact the boing and twang I think is probably them re-seating rather than slipping off the cup). You could fit cones but I think it would be a bit of a waste of time unless for some reason you are going for an alternative arrangement of shocker which doesn't go through the spring.

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I have popped a front spring on my 110 during an ATV section.

It reseated itself with a bang, otherwise ok.

The rear has an anti-roll bar which restricts articulation a little so the rear springs kept in place.

At it happens I picked up a pair of front cones cheap so they will be going on soon, just for reassurance :)


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Mine just about unseat at full stretch, but I have quite long springs on there.


Never had a problem with them coming out, as the spring pad on the axle is pretty cone shaped anyway. The cones I have seen fit at the top, so you have to retain the spring at the bottom which will bend the spring more (see the photo) and make cones necessary. Without the retainer at the bottom I don't see why you'd need them unless you have quite short springs.


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i have quite long front springs (not usre on length) and with polybush blue std shocks they dont drop, but with longer shocks (currently -2" top mounts and +2" shocks it drops about 1-1.5" from the seat mouting.

if you dont have longer shocks and lowered mounts i wouldnt bother with them.

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