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Tibus Twin Motor for 8274

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Just had a look at the thread on Pirate4x4. Its turned into a joke! and now appears to be having more of a negative than a positive affect on the situation. I have to say im very dissapointed in the attitude of the people of that forum, who seem too of used it too just slag off the Brits and the uk winch challenge scene.

I hope Gigglepin get the outcome they deserve from this. Goodluck Jim and keep producing the inovative products that used to make this country great!!


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Absolutely Jason,

Those guys seem to be so stupid that they can not see the harm this sort of thing does even when it is right in front of their noses!!

They ask for proof and even when Tibus himself admits it's a copy they still hang in there and try to weak arse flame!

Good thing is that north America is probably the world's smallest market for GP winches so no-one really cares what they think! and we all know that they talk the talk but walking any sort of walk is usually quite hard for those with all the Gob!! :lol::lol:

The intelligent comments were usually positive so these are probably doing some good!

The flamers probably don't even know that a winch can also "winch" as well as hold up your axle :lol::lol:


I think Ced may have two motors on the rear of the buggy soon!! Money going where it deserves to go!!!

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I think Ced may have two motors on the rear of the buggy soon!! Money going where it deserves to go!!!

I've been thinking along the same lines too...

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im in total agreement with the majority i hope he doesnt sell a single conversion, i myself would definately buy from gigglepin as knowledge and a helpful attitude go along way , i would need some money of course and also need an 8274 :lol: but maybe one day.

i hope it has good outcome.

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I have been watching these forum threads since last Thursday and have declined from responding as I seek legal advice and check all our IP rights.

I am extremely disappointed that another company has chosen to copy our product and is trying to pass it off as their own.

I am even more disappointed that he has suggested that his copy is better than our original version, but, puts forward no evidence of testing to support his claims.

It is also unbelievable they have tried to justify their means as trying to save the public money when all they are thinking is about is making profit by copying the work of others without adding any value to the product.

We applaud any innovation that brings new original design to the market place. This product does not.

We at Gigglepin 4x4 have been (and will be) at the forefront of winch innovation for years to come, we have a proven history and are well known for our superb customer support and after care. Here is a brief company and product history for those that do not know who we are.

Gigglepin Twinmotor and 8274 upgrade history

Gigglepin 4x4 first opened its doors in October 1997 exclusively working on Land Rovers.

In 2000 I entered into the world of the winch challenge and have not looked back.

In 2004 while defending my”Tough Trucks Trophy” I destroyed a M8274-50 mainshaft. It snapped in half costing me first place and pushing me to third overall.

If there is one thing I hate, it’s losing.

I set about designing a new hardened mainshaft and over the next year pushed the boundaries fitting much bigger faster motors and more importantly winning!

In late 2004 early 2005 we started to play with two motors for the first time, this was to try to curb the escalating price of large slow single motors. This twin motor housing was engineered by adding an adapter plate on to a standard 8274 top housing to allow the fitment of a second motor, as shown.


In 2005 we raced at the Croatia trophy with a large single 24v motor mounted on a long narrow diameter drum with hardened mainshaft and up rated solenoids. We chose not to use our prototype type twin motor housing had not been fully tested for reliability at this stage.

We came 4th overall after losing our lockers on the final day.

At that event I met Burkhard Eggeman who to my surprise also had a Twin motor 8274.

I was surprised that we had taken two different directions, Burkhard had cut 2 original housings and welded them together to allow 2 motors to be fitted.

Later in 2005 we started to use converted Twinmotor winches in anger, the results soon started to get noticed and it was not long before we were shipping them to Australia. In 2006 the Gigglepin Twinmotor winches really started to make their mark on the UK challenge scene taking all top three places at the UK’s toughest event ‘The Argyll Forest challenge’.

The picture below shows our Twinmotor winch in action at the Argyll Forest challenge 2006, also note the lever on the free end of the winch. This lever controls the Freespool. This is our earliest version of the now legendary Gigglepin Freespool


Here is a clip of that event of myself and Paul Wightman (my team mate) both using Gigglepin Twinmotor winches at The Argyll forest challenge

It was during this event that we discovered that the standard gears were not strong enough for the extremes we were subjecting them to.

The answer ? We went to gearbox experts ‘RT Quaife Engineering’ and set about designing the top housing we have been selling ever since.

After the first unit was prototyped we set about rigorous testing of the unit, but it surpassed all our exceptions.

It was after we had signed off the design and it was in full production that we made this Promotional Video showing the winch’s awesome capability:


The winches started to sell and were embraced in Australia where they have won almost every major title, sometimes taking as many as eight of the top ten places.

The reception in the UK was slow to start with many being dubious of the winch’s ability and strength. It did not take long before they started to win time and time again and it became unusual not to see Gigglepin winches dominating the top three places at every major event.

Because we continue to develop and look at ways of improving our winches it was only a matter of time before we started to look at a Freespool design for the lower end.

Our first attempt was at the Argyll forest challenge in 2006, we used a converted Warn lower housing, but it was not a success and we went back to the drawing board.

It took us until the summer of 2008 before we launched our all new lower housing, it had taken 18 months of hard work, development and testing to get it right but it was worth it.

By now Gigglepin had assembled a formidable testing team including Chris Abel (an upcoming star that has the ability to be an offroading Legend)

Steve Gittins (a Welsh man with superb driving skills)

Wayne and Mike Smith (the Australian legends that have won everything from The Australian Outback Challenge to the Malaysian Rainforest Challenge on multiply occasions)

Rowan Canavan (Australian driver of pure class, his skill seeing him to first place in the Australian Outback Challenge and many other events)

Adrian Turner (The British Bulldog, has driven and co driven at the highest level and has a trophy cabinet to prove it)

And of course myself, Jim Marsden. (Winner of almost every major UK title and a well known face in Europe having graced the podium on many international majors from as far afield as Africa, Croatia and Portugal)

The above crews dominate the scene at home and abroad allowing us to push our product development even further.

Chris Abel had the honour of using the first freespool lower housing in competition. He did not disappoint, winning the prestigious 90 Degree Challenge 2008 at the first time of asking. Here is a clip of him using a Gigglepin GP82 winch on his way to victory:


Following this success and further testing we started the rollout of the new lower housings. It was during this period we noticed a fault with one of the gears.

Gigglepin have a reputation of outstanding customer service and with this in mind we supplied every single customer who had bought a lower housing (over 75 of them) a new gear FREE OF CHARGE.

The cost of this was substantial with each replacement costing nearly £100! But it was worth it to protect the name and superb reputation that Gigglepin had already attained.

As we move into 2010 we look to the future which will see many new products becoming available that will allow the winch challenge competitor to tackle the very worst terrain.

On a finishing note I would like to add a few things.

If those out there believe that we are about let go our rights, think again.

I would like to make it clear that Gigglepin 4x4 and RT Quaife Engineering have a superb relationship that allows both companies to work very well as a team.

I would also like to add that RT Quaife Engineering DO NOT supply winch components to anyone else.

Due to large investment in product research and testing both in computer simulations and in the field, we understand all the forces involved. Hence we are able and have always offered a 5 year warranty on the Top Housing and Mainshaft kits against faulty manufacturing or gear wear.

Since the release of the Gigglepin Top Housing we have had no warranty claims on our top housings.

On a brighter note

We are pleased to announce a new dealer to the Gigglepin Network,

OMT-Offroad in Germany and Gigglepin 4x4 are proud to announce that OMT are now part of the Gigglepin 4x4 Dealer Network.

OMT will now be carrying all the Gigglepin 4x4 products in stock for immediate delivery in Germany.

For further details please contact Marc @ http://www.omt-offroad.com/

Or Phone: +49 2947 97509-1

The Gigglepin Top Housing is 5 years old this year!

To celebrate our 5 year anniversary of developing our bolt on Twinmotor conversion we are happy to offer some great price reductions on our Twinmotor top housings.

Please check out our website @ www.gigglepin4x4.net


But for those who are bit busy I have listed the special offers below:


• GP Top housing +00% £550.00

• GP Top housing +13% £600.00

• GP Top housing +25% £650.00

• GP Top housing +40% £700.00

• GP Top housing +50% £750.00

• GP Top housing +60% £800.00

All prices include VAT@17.5%

All Gigglepin top housings are supplied with a fitting kit and instruction pack.

• GP Heavy Duty Mainshaft kit £230.00Inc VAT@17.5%

Warn 8274 mainshaft upgrade kit, the up-rated mainshaft that replaces the existing mainshaft and cures six problems.

• Bolted end cap to replace circlip

• Increased material strength

• Enlarged bearing surfaces to spread load evenly

• Deletion of retaining plate groove giving maximum strength

• Shimming of gears reducing gear tooth breakage of the splined cams

• Up rated cam gear for perfect cam engagement & greater strength

To further enhance the offers above, If you purchase any top housing together with a HD mainshaft kit we will offer a pair of GP brake shoes & GP seal kit for just £25 extra. This works out to be a saving of more than £30 on these 2 parts alone.

Theses offers will shortly be available from our online shop. But, in the mean time if you wish to take full advantage, please don’t hesitate to contact our parts department on +44(0)1732 463600 or shop@gigglepin4x4.net

One thing is certain: Gigglepin 4x4 will continue to develop and provide reliable, innovative, competition grade, off road products which will be of our own design.

The future is bright

Kind regards

Jim Marsden

Proprietor Gigglepin 4x4

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10/10 for the well written and level headed response.

Just one thing though, who's Gittins?.

steve gittins

or steve90 on here

excellent response jim, maybe you should approach downing street and try to get the top job at no 10, you'll do a better job of looking after and running this place :lol:

gigglepin has had and always will be the place a spend money for winch bits :)

and lend the odd td5 steering pump too :lol:


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