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How to join 2 cables...


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I have the control but not the coupling nut below.

I could order it as well but the dealer service is non-existent and it'd take a life...

I was planning to buy a throttle cable but how can I join the 2 ends then?


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no entirely sure what you are trying to do but my suggestions.

1. use a longer inner cable, see VWP. you may find one with the righ nippel on the end. oif not, you can buy the nipples and solder it onto the end of the cable - splay the cable end out first in the conical hole ofr more strength

2. use a bike brake cable - has nipples are both ends, chop of the one you don't need, but may nt be rigfht size

3. if you are joiingin cables, cut the ends of and them put them in a brass cylinder with a hole drilled in with screws to hold them in place.

4. knot them together :rolleyes:

I would seriously look at option 1.

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Nothing wrong with a quick bowline :ph34r:

more seriously, a set of self-grip pliers [possibly my favourite tool] with the remnants of the cable threaded into a 52mm clock hole makes a very 'handy' throttle when cables snap in the cold :rolleyes:

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Does the cable you are trying to join on to the control have the right fitting to attach to the plunger - i.e. is it just the nut assembly you are missing?

If it were me, I would machine something which engages with the slot on the plunger and attaches to your cable with a crimp . screw - then machine the threaded bit. Make it sleeve the fitst bit of the cable sleeve - and hold it in place with hose clips / hot glue.


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