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Crankshaft damage.

Les Henson

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Not a Land Rover - Mitsubishi Pajero. Damage is similar though, just more expensive on a Jap truck.

This is what happens if the crank bolt isn't tightened correctly and works loose.

Vibration of the crank pulley/damper wears away the nose of the crankshaft, the woodruff key/s in turn wears away at the both the slot in the crankshaft, and the sprocket/pulley that locates on them.

Step in the nose from the vibrating crank pulley:-


The woodruff key has worn away in it's slot.


Camshaft drive belt sprocket:-


Crankshaft pulley damper:-


Outer woodruff key:-



Best just make sure the bolt is nice and tight! :D

Les. :)

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The sherpa engine I fitted in the first catflap was an L/R 2.5 N/A engine, reconditioned by 'Diesel Master'

The crank had done that same thing. I bought a new woodruff key, glued it in place with Araldite using the undamaged side of the slot as a guide, put thin film of araldite on the crankshaft nose, and then assembled it all and did the bolt up mental tight. It lasted 2-years until I junked the engine, and even then it was still solid.

Les. :)

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