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OT - anyone using IE7????

Guest MJG

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Been a keen and avid user of Firefox for many months now - but I see MS are catching up and IE 7 (beta) is now out and includes a rather clever variation on the tabbed browsing feature pioneered by FF.

Any one using it - I am wary of downloading a beta of just about anything but was wondered if anybody in here had, had the courage to do it........

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definitely FF-inspired, as you say tabs + 'clear all browsing history', the search bar is good, makes address bar searches much quicker too; now that I've noticed the 'classic' menu isn't necessary, looks as though it really is less intrusive into viewing area, too.

seems to work well so far, thumbs up for Microsoft this time at least! :)

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I do a lot of web development and so run IE, Firefox and Opera.

I personally think Opera is a far superior browser to either of its competitors. Tiled tabs, zoom, duplicate tabs - much more control of the browsing environment. The banner ads present in Opera used to irritate users - but those are now gone.

I am an advocate of open source - but despite all the people developing plugins for firefox - I find myself looking for plugins for firefox to at least match the functionality of opera.

Also mozilla/firefox didn't invent tabbed browsing - a program called netcaptor is cited as being the first implemented use of tabbed browsing.



P.S. I don't work for Opera.

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Question re speed - Firefox is much much faster than IE6 on a slow connection like wot I ave, how does IE7 compare with this?

I like Firefox, I accidentally opened the forum in IE6 just now and it was so slow I thought the computer had crashed :)

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