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spark plug gap


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I probably should know the answer to this but I don't.....

If you run a petrol engine (in this case a 2 stroke but I guess the principle applies on anything) with way to big a gap on the spark plugs, what are the downsides? Does it run hotter/burn plugs out? or doesn't it much matter as long as it runs?

Just wondering as I changed the plugs in my outboard yesterday, supposed to be 30 thou and they were 50 to 55! oh and three of the four broke off when I had the feeler gauge in them so probably changed just in time I think, God knows how long since they were last changed :huh:

The engine ran fine, a bit of a misfire at idle on 1 cylinder (its a V4) but smooth as you could wish for over 2000rpm. No doubt it will run better when it goes back in the water later on though :)

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All I am worried about is whether it might have had any negative effects on the engine, none that are apparent - maybe it was why the plugs were so brittle though.

I was gonna keep the original plugs to carry as spares but a V1 would not have been much good so they went in the bin :D

That diagram doesn't show my plugs Ralph, those ones all have a funny hooky bit on the end :unsure:

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