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Crunch on 3rd gear


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My gearbox crucnches on changes into 3rd - I suspect it is the syncros. Its a K reg 1992 model 200 tdi manual.

Been like that for 14,000 miles since I bought it - now done 154,000 miles in total. It is not getting worse, changed the gearbox oil and made no difference. If you change up the box slowly you can avoid it, similarly double the clutch going down the box avoids it.

Will it survive for some time?

As its a land rover, it could always go bang tommorrow!

Just a post to see what people would expect.


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My 1993 200Tdi has been like that for 40,000 miles gets a bit better when the oil warms up. double de clutching was how I was tought to drive, 6 forwards speeds, no synchro, straight eight petrol engine, it went something like, "magneto on, coil on, petrol pump on, choke 1/2, clutch in, pull large knob up to engage starter, wait ten seconds, engine fires, joy!

Practice double de clutching, I can engage hi/low transfer gear by double de clutching at up to 30 MPH!

Without (nearly) a crunch.


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Yeah and it doesn't work, or rather it is swings and roundabouts.

I have it in my R380 and it certainly improves the shift when cold but when hot, it is crunchier than it ever was with MTF94. Next service I shall be going back to either MTF or red stuff. To me, it seems to be too thin i.e. it works well when cold but not when hot. I would sooner have a grumpy gearbox when cold, which is ok after 5 min driving, than one which is fine for the first 5 min and then is sh^&e when driving hot and slow off road all day long!!

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