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Landrover towing plug connector pin removal?

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Can anyone help? I need to remove the wires and pins from this plug (which is the LR original plug-in towing electrics) so that I can replace the corroded and broken original wires and fit a proper colour coded (trailer colours) cable and socket. I know I could buy new but I would rather mend this one. So, how do the pins come out? I assume I just need to stick a thin wire down one of the holes next to the pins, anyone done this before?


These are the colours of wire that LR used for the trailer socket. I assume that these correspond to the LR wiring loom colours for different things? Anyone know which is which? I think I have some sorted, black I know is earth. :) A wiring diagram for a 2004 Defender would no doubt help...




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I have a note of the LR loom colours to seven pin iso colours at work for a 2004 td5 90. Will post up later for you

Cool, thanks Lewis. :)

Due to my impatient nature I have now worked out how to get the wires/pins out. You have to pull out the orange insert (pliers) and it then reveals the pin locking mechanism, small screwdriver and away! Now I just have to resist removing more than one wire before I knacker it up by forgetting which colour wire was where! :)



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I did try to reply earlier but opera mini on my phone doesn't like the new forum and wont allow me to log in.

Anyway, colours are as follows, iso then LR

Pin 1 Yellow, Green/red

Pin 2 Blue, Red/yellow

Pin 3 White, Black

Pin 4 Green, Green/white

Pin 5 Brown, Red/orange

Pin 6 Red, Green/purple

Pin 7 Black, Red/black

This diagram may help, ignore the bracketed info its for caravan secondary wiring

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