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Rear Arm Update

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Just got the 1st batch of arms back from the platers,we eventually decided on electroless nickle plating,same as we used to use on the gravel WRC subaru and forcus suspension arms.Said arms used to see gravel blasted at them for 3 days solid and always came out in one piece,when the underside of the car was shot to bits.




Not cheap to do but they do look spot on dont you think.


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Wat are you thinking steve???

Soon I need to fabricate some new upper wishbones for my independent racer, I want to relocate the front shocks so i need a different profile wishbone. By coincidence it used trailing arm bushes (although I've repleced them with nylon and stainless inserts. I was thinking it would be nice to have at least two bits on the racer that the paint doesn't peel!

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And you take the pi$$ out of Mr Squires for his bling :P

I'm bringing him round slowly ;) He navigated for me yesterday and two Wildcats went home after the parade lap so they didn't scratch their paintwork, he wasn't too impressed. To be fair it was a bit tight in the trees and one of them was doing the hill rally next weekend.

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