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Its MOT Time.....


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Having read the recent thread where Les suffered at the MOT station, I'm dreading my first visit under the new computerised system... :(

Today is the day - 5pm is the time...

If anybody feels like trying to crash the computer so the man has to resort to paper, feel free! :)

It used to be a Green 2.5NA Manual. Its now an Orange V8 LPG Auto. Reg Doc is up to date so lets see what this brings..

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My wife's Racing freelander passed yesterday no problem.

Lose steering rack and doggy horn which Pete fixed there and then.

Wife is well happy she can play with her racer on the road now

'God help us all'

The MOT station are quite hard so I was not expecting a car that has not had a mot in three years to get it first time.

even the mud in the 04 head light got through :D

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First time round - Failed. :(

Due to an embarassingly badly worn track rod end. The last few times I took it out were in the snow and it got a lot of abuse - I've then changed the wheels back to its 285's so assumed the wander was due to the pressures being slightly out.... <_<

I'd adjusted the front wheel bearings, greased the sodding offending article and gone through brakes, lights, checked the chassis etc etc which makes it more embarassing.

However, it passed yesterday so all is well.. and indeed, there were no problems with computer based information etc etc. :)

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