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lift pump


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i changed the lift pump on my 300tdi auto today even though the old one hadnt been on that long it never seemed quite right

but now the car runs as it should and picks up speed just fine

only prob is a very slight weeping from the pump which dosent seem to be coming from the connections but from where the in spigot is pushed into the pump during manufacture

can i put a little sealent around this or will the diesel just dissolve the sealant

it is only a very small seeping of diesel

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you could try going to your local plumb centre and buying a tin of oilseal.

I'm an oil fired boiler engineer and use the stuff on all my joints and fittings. Deisel is simular in charecteristics to 28sec heating oil, so it may be worth a go.

or you could try bog standard bathroom SOAP! no, im not joking. we use it to plug small splits in fuel tanks until the tank is renewed. Fuel oil wont dissolve the soap!

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