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Right trailer build is going very well, so looking at the next stage, I will have invested a significant amount of time effort and cash in converting my Sankey trailer into an overland trailer, its bad enought with all the Landys going around here at the moment I would hate to see my trailer go, obvious thing is a wheel clamp. looked a the tow hitch type of lock but I figure that a bit of chain and you could just tow the trailer away and get through the lock somewhere more peacefull.

So any other Ideas would be appreiciated, not worried about the actual trailer locks as I have this bit sorted just securing the trailer, also how is best to secure it when towing although I will fit a brake away cable should I also get a bit of chain to go between the trailer and the landy to lock it to when in service stations?

So I do all of this and someone gets their hands on it, although it will be very easy to identify however where do I get insurance from? and how do I go about getting it? I have looked at a couple of places but they seem to apply to purchased trailers i.e. you need the purchace receipt, mine are about 3ft at the moment and rising, but not one receipt for the whole project.

Anyone done this before and what did they do who did they use?

Cheers, Jason.

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i had my trailer insured for theft when it wasnt hitched to landy, think it was with towergate clark, but will dig through old paperwork tommorow and see to be sure, was about £180 a year. Now with nfu in 2nd year and they let me insure same trailer for a really amazing price per year, but wouldnt allow it in first year of landy insurance with them.

As far as security goes i am paranoid i guess. currently has a locking wheel nut on every wheel - a insurance approved wheel clamp, an insurance approved hitch lock. lives behind a chained off entrance with steel posts cemented in. about to add a fence to make it so that anyone trying to lift with a hiab would have to lift 6 foot lower than road level and about 10 foot away from a road. Also going to be chained into the ground with a chain buried in cement with 2 steel pins driven through the chain in an X shape over 18 inches down at least. Bloudy big chain and padlock also.

So hoping that makes it at least akward for theives.

When its parked anywhere on landy its on with hitchlock which secures it to landy and wheel clamp

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