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Steering wheel size 14 or 15 inch ???

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Hi all

I am replacing my old standard 4 spoke wheel with a nice aftermarket one

I want to go for a 14 inch but worried it might be to small eg steering when off roading etc

What would be the best size all round 14 or 15 inch opinions please guys what size Is best

Many thank chris

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Very much a matter of personel opinion so don't be swayed by what other people say you should have, go to a stockest and try sitting in your vehicle with a selection of different wheels in front of you to see which you might be happiest with.

I run 265/75X16 BFG's in my PAS equiped 90 and for years I ran a 14-inch Mountney wheel and was very happy with it but about 3-years ago I fitted 12-inch Raid wheel and find that just as comfortable and light to use. My wife is very lightly built and can manage with the 12-inch wheel just as well as me even when manouvering into tight parking spaces that require plenty of twirling of the wheel. Never had any problems with it off-road either.

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FWIW, Your choice is very limited in the 15in/380mm department. AFAIK there are only three options in a 15in aftermarket wheel.

Mountney. Cheap and cheerful. You get what you pay for. Avoid if you do any off-roading cos they bend and flex.

Moto-Lita. Expensive but top quality.

OMP. Expensive and top quality but the one 15in model available (Velocita) is only available in a suede finish.

I bought a 14in MOMO and hated it which started a search for a larger alternative - hence the reason I'm now a steering wheel bore! My 14in MOMO lasted one trip of a whole 5-miles before I removed it! Nothing wrong with the wheel. Just felt the step down from the standard size wheel was too great for me. There'll be loads of people on here who have 14in wheels who are perfectly happy with their size of wheel which goes to prove we're all different. I recommend you try before you buy before splashing out on something (possibly very expensive) that you may hate the moment you bolt it on.

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Also important to bear in mind the 'dish' on the wheel. I had a SIII that the PO had fitted a near flat wheel to- far too close to my legs so had to drive with knees wide apart to be able to transfer my right foot twixt pedals. Standard dish was far more comfortable.

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