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'95 RRC 300TDi won't start


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After being stood still for a week to put in a new rocker shaft and timing belt, my RRC refuses to start. The only thing electric I've touched in the process is disconnect the battery (yes, that's connected again now :lol: ) and replaced three out of four glow plugs (the person I'm not that keen on in the back didn't feel like coming out, so I just left it there).

When cranking, the interior light dims and flickers, and you can hear the starter trying with a lot of effort, but nothing happens. It sounded like a dead battery at first, so we replaced the battery. Still nothing, so we used some jump leads - even less response.

The engine turned around fine manually when adjusting valve clearances, so quite a few turns happened then. All fluids were filled up before even turning manually.

The starter was still working fine before I put her in the shop, so I doubt that that's the problem, but I'm not excluding it.

Any ideas? I'm sure I cocked something up, but I can't even remotely see what :blink:

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Right, so... engine now turns around fine on the starter (disconnected glow plugs and reconnected them et voila :blink: ).


She won't fire. Sounds like there's no (or very little) fuel when cranking. I'm 99% sure of the timing when I replaced the timing belt, and I don't really feel like taking it all apart to have a peek...

Disconnected #1 injector feed line, and it squirted fuel while cranking, but it was hard to tell if it was pressurised. We tried pulling her with another car to start, but the engine doesn't fire.

This all leads back to timing, but I lined up all the timing marks as descibed in the Rave and in the guide on this forum, used an 8.5mm drill as a timing pin on the injection pump, ... And the injection pump isn't really something you accidentally turn, so I don't see it having turned.

Suggestions please, before I resort to C4 :angry:

Thanks in advance.

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