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Tug of war - Defender 110 VS Patrol LWB who will win??

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I have aLand rover Defender 110 TD5, a mate has a patrol and wants a tug of war against me, he has a LWB 4.2 straight 6 EFI patrol.....who will win??

On paper its :

Defender = 90KW @ 4200rpm

300NM @ 1950rpm

Patrol = 129KW @ 4000rpm

330NM @ 3200rpm

IF I accept the challenge I need you to be completly and 100% confident that the Landy will win other wise I will have the mick taken all the time or worse still i'll break something!!

Also check this out -

- looks very even to me!!

Its all in good faith though, we go off roading together and were good mates but we both always say that we each have better 4x4's but he said he wants to put it to rest that he has the best one.....and I kinda wanna say I have the best but dont want to if it'll loose!!

Please help!!

Regards Mark

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On road or off road?

Power and torque have no real bearing on this argument it is simply down to grip which in turn will be affected by tyre choice, what surface you are on, the weight of the vehicle and possibly the weight distribution. Whether or not you have axle difflocks is also likely to have an influence as otherwise you'll only be spinning two wheels.

Fit dumper tyres, get him to fit some 20in slicks, and do it in a wet grassy field :)

Doing it on dry tarmac is a recipe for breaking halfshafts and/or CVs, maybe the odd diff and possibly other stuff. Not a very bright idea in other words.

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I own a 4.2'ish Megasquirted ARB'd, Ashcroft'ed, Simex'ed, 100", all singing all dancing Challenge truck, which I tow around the country with my

1996 Nissan Patrol GR Turbo dielsel, autoboxed, difflocked, Patrol Y60

Trust me the Patrol will pull the chassis rails of your beloved Landrover, don't risk it.

The only thing the Patrol will not pull is a women, they're pig ugly brutes but very very good at what they do, consistently and more so reliably.

When you get fiddleing with the Patrol they are very similar but like a Landy on steroids, everything's huge from shafts to CV's, propshafts are humungous, tranfer box is massive, front diff holds 5 full litres of EP90, just very very solid,

But is doesn't have a heart or a character like a Landy, you respect it but don't love it, but seriously it would pull America behind it if had a 50mm ball on it.

For work Nissan Patrol LWD 4.2 TDi, for pleasure, without shadow of a doubt Landrover (anything), and I have quite a few Series, Disco's and Rangeys, petrol or diesel.

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Depends on the terrain , load, tyres etc , I did this in OZ with my 110, 3.9 V8i stn wgn with twin maxi drive diffs,shafts, etc bfg mts 265/75s on dry dirt, against nissan 4.2 td stn wgn . I won , surprisingly easy, 2 reasons I reckon , I was a lot heavier, and the V8 gets the quicker torque rise if the td cant get the revs up it doesnt get the boost. Its not something I would do again , due to risk of damage (or losing) . The guy was a farmer who was always rubbishing the landy, and always bought the latest Nissan . The only down side was I lost a customer. Ozzies , are a fun bunch , but the worlds worst if they lose, I was over there when we took the ashes back, I took a lot of $h!t before the match, after you would have thought the game of cricket didnt exist . Patrol is a very good wagon, better than a cruiser IMO , they had lot better gearbox, but one real weakness was a semi floating rear axle . JMHO

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