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Non starting 200 Tdi Disco '91


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I have a non starting 1991 H reg Disco 1 200 Tdi. Its completely standard & has prediominatly been used for green laning since bought 5 yrears ago. I have had to lay the vehicle up since last may due to being made redundant, and not being about to re new the insurance. Like a fool I left the vehicle standing until christmas without turning the engine over. Evidently I recharged the battery for 2days on slow charge & attempted to turn the engine over. All I got was a mechanical ticking noise from the engine & the thing wouldn`t turn over. It has fuel, about half a tank. Its done 245000 miles.

Any idea's? could it be the fuel solenoid valve sticking closed or be something else? I'm not that mechanically minded so bear with me.

It has an after market imobiller fitted,, which appears to be working fine.

Have I left it a tad too long? .

many thanks

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If the engine doesn't turn over, then it's starter motor fault (what you hear is the starter solenoid clicking - trying to engage the motor on the flywheel). Make sure the battery is still good, all main electrical connections are good. You can jump to the starter motor directly, but it's very awkward, and there's chance of a battery short if you miss the spot.


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to put your mind at rest as to whether it's seized put a 27mm(i think that's the size) socket on the crank pulley and turn it, at least you'll know if the crank turns then it's not seized.

you could also try a bump start too, then you'd know if it's an electrical problem as already stated.

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I managed to get the motor finally to turn over & start by finally jump starting it & then leaving it to charge overnight. it seem's to work for now, but probably the battery is on its last legs, and in need of replacement for the mot.

many thanks for peoples advise!

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