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Ninety lift-handle door catch assembly

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A mate has a 1985 Ninety. He's just restored the lift-handle doors and they look lovely but the local parts supplier says the catch assembly is discontinued - which is a bit gutting. The nearest he can get is a Series 3 anti-burst assembly but that has a lift-handle on the inside too.

He parks it on-street at night so he's about to drill his nice new door frames to take a garden gate bolt (and climb out through the passenger door) :unsure:

Does anyone know a supplier who might still sell these, or anyone breaking a lift-handle Ninety? Any other bright ideas?

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I've been down the same line of enquiry, and also found that just the RH one is still available from a few places. All just as highly priced

Not quite sure what a reconditioned unit would entail, but I have dismantled my driver side lock in the past to replace the return spring on the lift handle. Not a quick or easy job, but it can be done. It involves drilling out the rivets that hold the casing together, and watching for bits that fly out as it's opened up!

Note I had to make the spring myself, well twisted Dad's arm to make one, this is not a serviceable part. Need to do same to the passenger door soon.

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If I remember correctly these ( lift up handle, wind up window ) were Santana doors used for a very short space of time. Someone bought up a LOAD of santana bits, cant remeber who, maybe Bearmach, dont know, t'was in one of the mags. Maybe try a Spanish dealer website! good luck.

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