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fan belt not rotating

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hi all,

can anyone shed some light on this,

i have a 300tdi

2 weeks ago i changed the battery as the old one was put in in the year 2000 and in the cold weather was not helping with starting, then a few days later i changed all glow heater plugs, no problem for a week running like new, then yesterday i was out with the dogs in the woods, when i came back to the landy and started it there was a new noise so looked under the hood and noticed the fan belt wheels where making the noise so went to carry on home cause it's not far and realised ive no steering and the battery light on the dash was on, managed to get home, it was like driving a massey 35 but made it. i topped it up with steering ATF cause it was going low, but that made no change in the steering, so i left it off for the day and decided to start it this morning and do some work or fault finding but when i started the landy this morning the belt was not turning at all, the engine is running but the belt is not turning it turns slowly if i give the fan a flick,

can anyone shed some light on it and i hope its not all bad news,

kind regards


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Do all of the pulleys rotate freely?


yes all the pulleys rotate freely, the belt is not broken, its still in good nick,the big pulley seems to have a small bit of play in it but i think this has always been the case.

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Crank pulley loose/rubber section disintegrated?

Honestly there's not much else it could be, it's just a rubber band on a series of wheels, and it needs a good amount of tension on it so that it deflects no more than 10-15mm when you push it with your finger.

From the above you should have worked out that that the pulleys shouldn't be able to rotate freely, as they will be held in place with the belt, and have the friction of all the ancillaries to contend with, plus a stationary crank pulley (you won't turn the engine over with just the belt....) it should be REALLY difficult to move the belt.

I'd go with a combination of  reply #1 and #2, more likely the tensioner has imploded if you ask me.

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ok im back again, ;)

still not on the road yet, :(

so ive tensioned the belt to the right tension and went to start her up thinking i was all sorted,

but no start, its turning over very slow and then there is a thicking noise,

i tried to start it 3 times but then i got an electric smell so i left it at that.

the battery is only 2weeks old and all the conections are in good shape,

anyone have any ideas


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